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10 under $10: Tablet Cases

10 under $10

Our new Friday Feature will be 10  great items which only cost you $10 or less. Stay tuned for a new product category every week. This week we have Tablet cases.

Since everyone loves tablets, we often carry ours everywhere. The only bad things about carrying them everywhere is that eventually, we’ll drop our tablets. So we thought that you would want to protect these investments with a stylish case that wont set you back. Tablets are expensive enough, so save a little money on these quality cases for $10 and under.

iPad 2

AmCase iPad 2 Leather Case and Flip Stand for Apple iPad 2 (Black) 


  • Specifically designed for Apple iPad 2. Compatible with all iPad 2 models (iPad 2 WiFi / 3G 16GB, 32GB, 64GB).
  • Supports Sleep Mode. Close it, your iPad automatically goes to sleep. Open it, your iPad instantly wakes up – no need to press any buttons.
  • Simple and classic design-easy to use, protect your iPad front and back.
  • Allow you to access all the iPad 2 features without taking off the case.
  • Securely hold iPad in place with unique inner flap and reinforcement Strip

Cost right now: $10 (Read More…)

Acase Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover Companion Compatible Snap On Slim-Fit 


  • Compatibility: Apple iPad 2 2nd Generation (16GB, 32GB, 64GB), Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G. NOT Compatible with 1st Generation iPad.
  • Design to works with the Original Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover ( Leather or Polyurethane version )
  • Material: Polycarbonate material with rubber coating provides a secure anti-slip grip and protection to your coveted iPad 2
  • Super Slim-Fit: Ultra-sleek fitted design that protects your iPad 2 without adding bulk
  • All jacks, ports and buttons are accessible without removing case

Cost right now: $8 (Read More…)


OCTOVO Tirim Splashproof Outdoor Case / Cover for Kindle


  • Stylish splash-proof case that keeps out sand, dust and dirt
  • Access to On/Off Button & Charging Port without removing from the case
  • Clear read-through panel proving excellent protection from the elements without compromising the reading experience
  • Smooth Fit & Finish with Instant access to all navigation controls/keyboard
  • Made from soft touch microfiber

Cost right now: $10  (Read More…)

Barnes and Noble Nook

Bluecostco Nook Color Case Folio Cover (Black)


  • Solid design offers you an easy & safe way to carry your Nook around.
  • Leatherette exterior is classic and durable.
  • Secure framed interior protects Nook.
  • Show off your Nook in style.
  • Compatible with Nook Color.

Price right now: $10 (Read More…)

iPearl mCover Leather Cover Case for Nook (Green)


  • Made of high-quality PU synthetic leather material, which protects your Nook Touch eBook reader all around.
  • Custom designed to fit the 6-inch Nook Touch perfectly. Not compatible with older 6-inch Nook or bigger 7-inch Nook Color
  • The left side can be folded back easily just like a paperback book.
  • Open access to the touch screen, USB charging port and mini-SD card slot
  • Built-in inner pocket to hold miscellaneous stuff like money or credit cards

Price right now: $10 (Read More…)

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Gel Skin Case (Black)


  • Features a stunning, high-gloss finish
  • Highest quality in fit, styling and protection
  • Protect your device without sacrificing functionality
  • Includes a premium quality Qubits-branded microfiber cleaning cloth

Price right now: $9 (Read More…)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Leather Folio Case (Black)


  • Stylish Leather Case
  • Protects from dust and scratches
  • Form fitting design
  • Access to key functions

Price right now: $10 (Read More…)

Motorola Xoom

Motorola Protective Gel Case for Motorola Xoom (Black)


  • Don’t Compromise Function Dock your device with the protective case on and stay entertained for hours.
  • Fits Like a Glove Designed to fit just right, and easy to take along wherever you go. It doesn?t get any better than that.

Price right now: $6 (Read More…)

Sheath Leather Case Cover with Stand for Motorola Xoom


  • Compatible with Motorola Xoom 3g and wi-fi– all models
  • Premium quality and eco-friendly PU leather with durable construction and bold stitches to prevent any mishap and ability to withstand day-to-day complications like weather, bumps, drops etc.
  • Micro-fiber inner lining to prevent dust and smudges from tablet screen
  • Extremely detailed cut-outs that guarantees access to all buttons and functionality that xoom has to offer
  • Easily flip into stand, which can be used simply as keypad or set on your desired viewing angle for multimedia

Price right now: $10 (Read More…)

BlackBerry Playbook

Blackberry Playbook Protective Case (Black)


  • Keep your Blackberry Playbook safe & protected in style with this 2 Layers of High-Impact Polycarbonate Shell and Flexi Skin cover.
  • Custom cut to fit your Blackberry Playbook perfectly.
  • Constructed from smooth, treated material that resists dirt & stains
  • Unique design allows easy access to all buttons, controls & ports without having to remove the skin.
  • Slip your Blackberry Playbook tablet in to add a splash of color and deliver instant all around protection from scratches.

Price right now: $10 (Read More…)


30 Totally Awesome Kitchen Gadgets (That You Probably Don’t Need)

You can Invent Anything

If you know an inventor, then you’ll know they love to make anything. Even if that thing is nearly useless. Every now and then an inventor will find success in their inventions. You may be familiar with gadgets such as the Magic Bullet, Slapchop, and the George Foreman Grill. However, today we’re going to poke a little fun in the land of kitchen gadgets that are both cool and fun.  If you were to hang around the Deal Ninja kitchen, then none of these gizmos would seem out-of-place. Follow us on our journey through the world of kitchen gadgets.

Solving Problems you Never Knew Existed:

We bet these gadgets solved those cooking problems you never knew existed.

The Pop-Up Hot Dog Cooker

Dinner for two

We just never eat enough hot dogs to justify buying this. However, we can imagine this would be perfect for starting your kid’s roadside business. You can use this gadget  in your RV, in a motel room, or at the office for a quick lunch. I guess we’ll have to get one soon.

Dough-Nu-Matic Automatic Doughnut Machine

Krispy-Kreme for the kitchen

There is something sweet about being able to make hot and fresh doughnuts anytime of day. Now all we are left to wonder is if they come out glazed.

Chef’n Garlic Zoom

No more smelly fingers

All you have to do is roll the ball around it peels the garlic without getting your fingers smelly. Simple enough that even your vampire teenager is safe to cook in the kitchen.

The Towel-Matic

Every bathroom has one… now your kitchen does too

Maybe the most sanitary way to get a paper towel. Germaphobes can rejoice.

Taca Cup

If only they made king size Oreos

The only flaw we see with this design is that it just doesn’t hold quiet enough milk.

Quintuple Bladed Herb Scissors

When all else fails, add more blades

This is what we imagine Gillette would make if they ever went into the scissor business.

Pizza Scissors

Two great gadgets in one

Our only wish: it really needs some tongs. Then we could add toppings on our pizza without ever having to touch anything.

Twister Fork

Noodles beware

Next time you go on a date to Olive Garden, whip out one of these bad boys and you’ll  surely impress your date. (At least we would be impressed)

Apple Peeler

Only a man would think of this

If my woodshop teacher were to invent something, this would be it.

Pour a Better Beer

Because pouring a can of beer is just too much work

Personally, we would forego the glass and pour directly into our mouths.

For the Geeky Kitchen

We will admit, we are nerds. I mean, we would have to be somewhat geeky to enjoy writing a blog about kitchen gadgets. So, naturally, we have a soft spot for all things geeky. If nerd is your shtick, then these will sure to please.

Star Wars Toaster

Luke, I am your toaster…

You can’t have a geek gadget list and not have something from Star Wars, especially if you like your toast a little on the dark side.

OCD Cutting Board

Now if we could just cut in a straight line

Step 1: Put birthday cake on cutting board

Step 2: Cut evenly along lines

Step 3: Now everyone get the same size slice

Perfect for making sure nobody gets the bigger half.

Fun Facts Measuring Cup

Fun facts to tell your date while you cook

A little science in the kitchen never hurt anyone. Fun facts to use at your next trivia night.

Click Kitchen Gloves

Pop-ups not included

It’s what Mickey Mouse would wear if he were created in the 90s. We like to wear our gloves when we’re driving around town in the convertible.

Sharky Tea Infuser

Dun-dun… dun-dun….dun-dun

We couldn’t imagine a better way to serve tea to your in-laws.

Time Bomb Kitchen timer

Tick, tick, tick

We would advise against sending this as a gift via the post office… ever.

Table Setting Placemat

For the future architect

The key ingredient to a fancy dinner: presentation.

Spicy Invaders: Salt and Pepper Shakers

80s kind of cool

First they invaded space and now my table. Somehow, we don’t mind.

CTRL +O Bottle Opener

This probably wont be your last bottle opened

Did you catch what we did there?

Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters

We just had to pick this

Santa won’t know what hit him when you put out ninjabread men.

Other Random Fun

Other kitchen gadgets  that are way way more fun than useful. If your idea of cooking is playing with your food, then these nifty items are perfect. Food always taste better when you having  fun anyway.

Cherry Seed Remover

Oddly cute

You could just buy seedless, but this is way more fun.

Edible Jello Cups

There is so much party potential here… 

Have you ever tried to hold Jell-O? Well, now you can and it’s not in a shot.

Hillary Nutcracker

She doesn’t mess around

It seems that she can do it all.

Flip-Flop Corn Holder

No more burned fingers

Not just cute, but you don’t have to worry about getting your fingers burned or greasy. +2 Points for awesomeness

Zoku Frozen Pop Maker

Why waste valuable freezer space

Actually useful, but I do have a freezer that does the exact same thing.

Pop Quiz Math Clock

Instantly look smarter

Ok, so it’s not technically a kitchen gadget, but it does have pi on it.

Chopstick Fan

Solved one problem, but probably created another

No more waiting for your soup to cool. However, the fan probably makes the chopsticks a little bit heavier.

Roll and Pour

Singing Bruno Mars, “Today, I don’t feel like doing anything”

They really have thought of everything.

Gin and Titonic Ice Cup Tray

Too soon?

Add a little sophistication and class in your next drink.

…And Finally Something Useful:

Bowl Cutting Board

Hmmm…we could use one of these

This is the most well thought out thing we could find. Now if we could only get George Forman to attach a grill to it.

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