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Announcement: Moving to New Servers

We have some exciting news, Deal Ninja is switching to new VPS servers. We are moving from GoDaddy to WiredTree (Of course we found great discount coupons to help us save). Unfortunately, our experience with GoDaddy shared hosting has had its fluctuations in load times.  With our growth and need for resources, we felt that making the move was to our benefit. We hope that this will speed up the load times of our site and serve more consistent results for our users as we work hard to make deal ninjas one of the best daily deals websites.


One month in

It’s been a month since Deal Ninja has launched. We have hit the ground running and have been adding some great deals and coupons. We’ve hit some great milestones including over 5,700 Facebook fans, hiring a SEO team, and working with over 500 retailers. Of course, in building any business, it’s important to make sure that you are always moving forward. Our goal is to be one of the best deals websites finding you the sales you love. As we have grown, we have learned a lot about building a sustainable business that helps our fans out. Stay tuned for more articles as we transition our shopping blog to our main website.

The Beginning of a Good Thing

Welcome Deal Ninja Fans,

At Deal Ninja, our goal is simple: to save you money on the things you love.  We want to feature articles that are relevant and informative to your shopping experience. We all know there are deals out there, but it’s hard to keep track of all them. That’s where we step in, we’ll provide the best deals all in one place from over 1,000 retailers!

Although, we are just starting, we have our customers in mind on every decision we make. We are in the same position as all of you. The news says the economy is getting better, well, we just don’t see it that way. We all know someone who still doesn’t have a job and those of us that do are trying to pinch every penny. With that in mind, we want to feature articles on all kinds of subjects which will help you make better shopping decisions. This blog is dedicated to empowering you with knowledge so you don’t waste money and never pay retail prices again.

Want to know what we plan on writing about? Here is a sampling of articles we have lined up:

  • How to pick the Right size TV for your room
  • When to get the cheapest prices for your vacation
  • How to buy jewelry
  • Tablets Vs. Laptops: Which is better for your needs

Is there something you want to know about? Let us know and we’ll do the research and write about it. If we’re helping you, then we’re probably helping a lot more people. Stay tuned for our articles. This is just the beginning of a good thing!

The Deal Ninja Team

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